A brief word on sustainability...

We want you to know that when you choose to purchase our Floristry, you are choosing to support what we consider to be the most natural, sustainable, and ethical growing practices of the horticultural industry. To invest in us as growers is to perpetuate our applause for the soil microbes, to share our admiration for the pollinators, to attend to the song birds, and to appreciate the intrinsic value of the many complex ecosystems a garden provides.

While we are not 'certified organic', we meticulously manage our acreage to the highest standards. Our unused pasture is left to rest, unmown, to best sustain wildlife habitat and our no-dig gardens are rotated in and out of cover-crop in order to restore nutrients and incubate healthy soil structure. Plant growth, as well as soil health, is supported with compost and natural amendments - not through the use chemical or artificial fertilizers.

When your flowers migrate from our gardens and into our studio space to be arranged, you are investing in a brighter floral industry: an industry without the hushed consumption of single use plastics (like Oasis Floral Foam) or cocktails of harmful preservative chemicals - and, perhaps most importantly of all, you are enabling a future that doesn't turn a selfish profit in exchange for the outlandish carbon footprint of imported flowers.