A note:

We are not currently accepting bookings for the 2023 Wedding & Event Season. As the growers behind all of our florals, we only have the capacity to exist within the current calendar year. This is not a disinterest in your event, but an unmatched level of dedication to our current season couples. Should we work together next year, you'll be granted the same. Thank you for your understanding!

Here are some warm words of appreciation from past Wedding Floristry clients:

"I appreciated how laid back it everything was! I trusted you completely and it made the weeks leading up to the wedding less stressful because I knew the flowers were taken care of, all I had to do was pick them up! I loved knowing that I had made a sustainable choice. There isn’t a thing I didn’t like about our experience."

a la carte bride: Emily, (2021)

"Our experience was nothing but amazing with The Peony & Pear. Having limited knowledge about flowers, I was completely new to the experience of using seasonal flowers, but it made our wedding so much more special - and multiple people at our wedding said our flowers were the nicest they’ve ever seen!"

a la carte bride: Sarah, (2021)

"I felt like The Peony & Pear wasn’t just another vendor on my list for The Big Day... but more that they were part of our team and truly cared about how the flowers would tie everything together! I knew nothing about floristry and was finding it difficult to even figure out which flowers I wanted included... Elizabeth totally understood my vision, even without my using any sensible words, and the floristry ended up being even more amazing than I ever could have dreamed!"

Full Service bride: Kate, 2021