The Growers

The Peony & Pear is comprised of grower-designer duo, Andrew & Elizabeth. Together each Spring, they sow thousands and thousands of seeds, corms, and bulbs, tirelessly catering to their every need, so that each plant may unfurl to join the masses of sustainably and ethically grown flowers and foliage. Then, with only the most spectacular specimens from the sea of stems, they weave wondrous floristry - each and every arrangement genuinely local and artfully seasonal.

The Gardens

The flowers and foliage used throughout They Peony & Pear's floristry are grown in The Peony & Pear's gardens and production plots. Together Andrew and Elizabeth manage nearly three acres of farm land (with roughly one half-acre in cultivated flower production, and the remainder in cover-crop or pasture), a troublesome but evolving high-tunnel system, as well as a 70' unheated greenhouse.